Dear reader,

Before looking into any of the recommendations in this section, be aware that all the product and services listed here have passed my five principles for recommendations filter:

1. Principle one – Skin in the game: I only recommend what I personally use in the present and I intend to keep using in the future. 

2. Principle two – Long-term horizon: I focus on quality, durability and predictability, products & services that are likely to outlive me. 

3. Principle three – Ethics: I don’t recommend anything I consider detrimental to society like tobacco, liquor, gambling or fast fashion. 

4. Principle four – Virtue:  I only recommend what I believe improves my health, wisdom, freedom or happiness in the long run.  

5. Principle five – Origin: I only recommend products & services from companies with a reputable and traceable history, preferably near shore, and whose existence improves the lives of communities, workers and consumers alike. 

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